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June 2024 Updates: Exciting New Features and Improvements!

We're excited to share the latest updates and improvements we've made to SKIPM8 this month. From enhanced job permits to comprehensive scheduler options, these changes are designed to make your experience smoother and more efficient. Here's a detailed look at what's new:

Skip Hire Scheduler


  • “Has Invoice” Filter: Easily find assignments that are missing invoices with this new filter.

  • Notification Column on Job Details Page: A new column shows when an assignment has a note, improving visibility.

  • View Notes Action: Directly add and view notes on assignments from the job details page.

  • EWC Visibility and Updates: See and update the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes under the skip/service on job details pages and collection skips.

  • Assignment Quick View Enhancements: Quick view now includes the assignment type and number, providing more information at a glance.

  • Mark Assignments as Urgent: You can now mark assignments as urgent, ensuring priority tasks stand out.

  • Mark Assignments as On Hold: Assignments can now be marked as on hold, helping you manage tasks that are temporarily paused.


  • Time Addition to Assignments: Assignments in the scheduler now include specific times.

  • Notes Addition: Add notes to assignments directly within the scheduler.

  • Download Driver’s Assignment Sheet: Easily download a comprehensive sheet for each driver's assignments.

  • Download Waste Transfer Notes: Download all drivers' waste transfer notes as well as all waste transfer notes for better record-keeping.

  • New Overflow Menu: An overflow menu with multiple options has been added to simplify assignment management.

  • Hide Completed Filter: Hide completed assignments to focus on pending tasks.

  • Driver’s Vehicle Registration View: View the vehicle registration of drivers.

  • Driver’s Record Access: Quickly access a driver's record.

  • Move Incomplete Assignments: Move all incomplete assignments to a different day effortlessly.

Job Permits

  • Add Permits to Jobs: You can now easily add permits directly to your jobs, streamlining the documentation process. (BETA)


  • Export to QuickBooks CSV: Export your invoices to a QuickBooks-compatible CSV file for seamless accounting integration.

  • Export to Zoho Books CSV: Similarly, export invoices to a Zoho Books-compatible CSV file.

  • Customer Email Flag/Column: A new flag/column has been added to identify if an email has been sent to the customer.

  • Take Online Payments for Invoices: Request customers payment details over the phone to pay for invoices.

  • Send Customers Payment Links: Easily send payment links to customers for convenient invoice settlement.

Email Settings

  • “Reply to Email” Feature: A new "Reply to Email" setting allows customers to reply directly to you instead of SKIPM8, enhancing communication efficiency.


  • Assignments Without Invoice Report: Identify assignments that have not yet been invoiced with this new report.

  • Incomplete Driver Assignments Report: Generate reports for Skip Hire, Grab Hire, and Rubbish Clearance assignments that are incomplete, ensuring no task is overlooked.


  • Notes Addition: Add notes to calendar assignments to provide additional context and information.

Grab Hire & Rubbish Clearance

  • Scheduler Availability: The scheduler feature is now available for both Grab Hire and Rubbish Clearance services.


  • Waste Transfer Note: New waste transfer note feature for weighbridge operations.

Waste Out

  • Waste Transfer Notes: Transfer notes are now available for waste out processes.

Waste Transfer Notes

  • Customer Label Change: The label for customers has been updated to "Waste Producer" as per Environmental Agency (EA) requests.

SIC Codes

  • Complete SIC Codes Addition: All Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes have been added to the system, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

These updates are designed to enhance your workflow and provide more robust tools for managing your operations. We're committed to continuous improvement and appreciate your feedback as we strive to serve you better.

Stay tuned for more updates next month, and thank you for being a valued part of our community!


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