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Digital Waste Transfer Notes

With SKIPM8’s Digital Waste Transfer Notes feature, streamline your waste management processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Automatically generate digital waste transfer notes for every assignment, providing a comprehensive record of waste disposal activities.

Key Features

Automated Generation

SKIPM8 automatically generates digital waste transfer notes for every assignment, saving you time and effort. Ensure accurate documentation of waste disposal activities without manual intervention.

Customisable Settings

Choose when and for which assignments digital waste transfer notes are automatically emailed to the customer. Tailor your settings to meet your specific business needs and regulatory requirements.

Branded Documents

Waste transfer notes are branded to your business, providing a professional and consistent representation of your brand. Include your logo, business signature, and customer signature (if obtained) to enhance credibility and brand recognition.

Comprehensive Details

Digital waste transfer notes include all relevant details about the assignment, including information about the driver, vehicle, skip/service, and waste. Ensure transparency and accountability by providing a complete record of waste disposal activities.

Multiple Delivery Options

Download waste transfer notes as PDF files for easy storage, sharing, and printing. Email them to the customer at any time for their records and transparency.

Email Integration

Seamlessly send waste transfer notes to customers directly from SKIPM8, ensuring prompt delivery and efficient communication.

Print Directly from SKIPM8

Print waste transfer notes straight from SKIPM8 for convenient access to physical copies when needed.

Hide Pricing for Specific Account Customers

Maintain confidentiality by hiding pricing information for specific account customers. Ensure that booker customers don’t see your pricing, preserving your competitive advantage and protecting sensitive information.

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