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Driver Assignment Scheduler

Streamline your scheduling process and optimise resource allocation with SKIPM8’s Assignment Scheduler. This powerful tool allows you to efficiently manage unallocated assignments, assign tasks to drivers, and rearrange job sheets with ease.

Key Features

Unallocated Assignments View

Access a list of all unallocated assignments for a specific day, providing you with an overview of tasks that need to be assigned to drivers.

Driver Assignment Overview

See a list of your drivers and the assignments assigned to each of them, allowing you to track driver schedules and workload.

Drag and Drop Assignments

Easily assign tasks to drivers by dragging and dropping unallocated assignments onto any driver’s schedule. Streamline your workflow and ensure efficient resource allocation.

Assignment Rearrangement

Rearrange a driver’s job sheet by dragging and dropping assignments within their schedule. Optimise driver routes and schedules to maximise efficiency and productivity.

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