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JMC Waste Disposal

We were blown away by the standard of SKIPM8 and how cost effective it is. This is brilliant software and enables us to manage our skip hire business in one place. It’s efficient and simple to use! Highly recommend for any waste management company it will be the best money spent for your office team and drivers and will assist in running the business smoothly.

How has SKIPM8 improved your efficiency and what challenges has SKIPM8 addressed?

Drastically! Before SKIPM8 we managed everything on excel spreadsheets, text messages and written down notes. If it wasn’t written down, it would get forgotten. We also found ourselves missing deliveries and collections and would frequently send drivers incorrect addresses.

By implementing SKIPM8 we have been able to grow JMC Waste Disposal exponentially!

Everything is recorded into SKIPM8, we use postcode lookups to find addresses to eliminate mistakes, drivers are assigned their daily assignments and can complete them straight from their phone and we are finally able to track the location of every skip as well as see when skips are overdue!

Because of SKIPM8 we’ve been able to elevate the quality of our services, leading to the acquisition of new customer accounts every week. We can easily add new accounts into SKIPM8 allowing us to seamlessly manage their information and efficiently access details such as past hires, payment history, and outstanding balances. This has significantly enhanced the professionalism of JMC Waste Disposal, attracting a steady stream of new customer accounts each week.

What features do you love and now can’t live without?

We love how easy SKIPM8 is to use! It’s straightforward, customisable and handles all the complexity. SKIPM8 makes our lives easier!

Customer accounts are extremely straightforward to create and we can easily add all the information we need in order to provide them with an exceptional service. When a customer calls us now, we can quickly pull up their account and view all their information, including; past hires, payment history, outstanding debts, contacts, plus much more. We’ve found that this helps provide a personalised and professional touch when speaking to our customers.

We also love the new functionality of adding one off customers to jobs so we don’t pollute our customer accounts list with residential customers. It’s additions like this that we didn’t know we needed but now can’t live without!

We use the SKIPM8 Calendar daily and find it extremely helpful to see what’s been delivered/collected/exchanged throughout the week. We also love that outstanding assignments are highlighted in their customised colours so we can easily identify what’s left to do.

How was SKIPM8’s onboarding process, and what support did you receive?

Our SKIPM8 onboarding was seamless and Jake was able to help us throughout.

Whenever we have a question we can send a message over to SKIPM8 and get an instant reply, anytime of the day! The support we receive is incredible; we've never seen anything like it.

If we ever have an issue, or find something that doesn’t quite work as expected, SKIPM8 will have it fixed the same day to ensure it doesn’t disrupt our operations. We really couldn’t think of a better software provider to be with!

Would you recommend SKIPM8 to others?

100% YES! We would highly recommend SKIPM8 to any waste management company or skip hire company! It will be the best money spent for your office team and drivers and it will assist in running your business smoothly.

SKIPM8 will help you grow much quicker than you ever thought possible!

We couldn’t imagine being without SKIPM8!

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