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Account Customers

Manage your commercial and residential clients efficiently with SKIPM8’s Account Customers feature. Designed to streamline your customer relationship management and invoicing processes, Account Customers offers a suite of tools to enhance your interactions and optimise your workflows.

Key Features

Commercial and Residential Accounts

Categorise your customers into commercial and residential accounts, allowing for tailored communication and billing processes.

Customer Contacts

Keep track of customer contacts within each account, ensuring clear communication and accountability for every job.

Saved Addresses

Save customer addresses for quick and easy booking, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and minimising errors.

Customer Sites

Associate multiple customers sites, enabling you to split invoices and manage jobs across different customer locations.

Notes and Comments

Add notes and comments to customer accounts, which can be copied to individual jobs for reference and context.

Credit Limits and Usage

Record credit limits for account customers and monitor their credit usage within SKIPM8. Stay informed about overdue payments and credit balances to maintain healthy customer relationships.

Invoicing Preferences

Set invoicing preferences for each account customer, including invoicing frequency (monthly, weekly, or upon job creation) and default payment types.

Accounting References

Easily add accounting references to customer accounts for seamless integration with your accounting software. Simplify the export process and maintain accurate financial records with standardised accounting references.

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