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Skip & Bin Tracking

With SKIPM8’s Skip & Bin Tracking feature, gain full visibility and control over your skip inventory, ensuring that you never lose sight of where your skips are or how long they’ve been with customers. Automatically track all your skips and bins in real-time, monitor their locations, and stay informed about their status at all times.

Key Features

Automatic Tracking

SKIPM8 automatically tracks all your skips, providing you with up-to-date information about their whereabouts and status.

Inventory Management

Keep track of how many skips you have out with customers and their exact locations. Ensure accurate inventory management and prevent skips from getting lost or misplaced.

Location Monitoring

View the exact location of every skip on a map within SKIPM8’s interface. Easily identify the current whereabouts of each skip and optimise routing for collection and delivery

Customer Association

Know who each skip is with and maintain a record of customer associations. Stay organised and ensure timely collection and delivery of skips to the right customers.

Status Updates

Monitor the status of each skip, including whether it’s in use, available for collection, or undergoing maintenance. Stay informed about the condition of your skips and take proactive measures to address any issues.

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