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With SKIPM8’s Automated Invoicing feature, streamline your billing process and ensure timely payments for your services. Whether you’re invoicing one-off customers or managing accounts for recurring clients, SKIPM8 automates the invoicing process to save you time and effort.

Key Features

One-Off Customer Invoicing

For one-off customers, SKIPM8 automatically generates invoices for every assignment, eliminating the need for manual invoicing.

Flexible Account Customer Invoicing

Customise how account customers are invoiced based on your preferences. Choose from monthly, weekly, or per-job invoicing options to suit your billing cycle.

Site-Specific Invoicing

For account customers with multiple sites, SKIPM8 offers the flexibility to split invoices by customer sites, ensuring accurate billing and transparent accounting.

Scheduled Invoicing Runs

Automated jobs run at the beginning of every week and month to generate invoices for the previous week and month, respectively. Stay organised and on top of your billing cycle without manual intervention.

Send directly from SKIPM8

Effortlessly send invoices directly to customers from within SKIPM8, ensuring prompt delivery and efficient communication.

Export for accounting software

Export invoices to CSV format for seamless integration with your accounting software, simplifying your financial management processes.


Download invoices as PDF files for easy storage, sharing, and printing as needed.

Mark as paid

Keep track of payment status by marking invoices as paid within SKIPM8, maintaining accurate records of your financial transactions.

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