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Job Details

Driver Login

With SKIPM8’s Driver Login feature, empower your drivers with access to critical job information and streamline communication between the field and the head office. Whether they’re on the road or at the job site, drivers can log in to SKIPM8 from any device, ensuring seamless collaboration and real-time updates.

Key Features

Secure Access

Drivers can securely log in to SKIPM8 from any device, ensuring access to their assigned jobs and relevant information while on the go.

Restricted View

Drivers are provided with a restricted view, allowing them to see only their assignments. This ensures that they focus on their specific tasks without unnecessary distractions.

Job Details

Drivers have the option to view all relevant details for each assignment, including job location, customer information, and specific instructions.

Job Completion

Once a job is finished, drivers can mark it as completed within SKIPM8, updating the status in real time and triggering further actions, such as invoicing or scheduling follow-up tasks.

Real-Time Updates

All details recorded by drivers are sent back to the head office in real time, ensuring that everyone stays informed and up to date with the latest developments.

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