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Permits & Pricing

Streamline your permit management and ensure accurate pricing with SKIPM8’s Permits & Pricing feature. Add permits to jobs, track their status, and receive timely notifications.

Key Features

Permit Management

Easily add permits to your jobs, ensuring compliance with local regulations and streamlining the permit application process.

Automatic Status Updates

SKIPM8 automatically changes the permit status based on the start and expiry dates. Permits move to “Active” on the start date, to “Expiring” three days before the expiry date, and to “Expired” on the expiry date.

Days Remaining Tracking

Accurately track how many days your job has left on its active permits. Ensure timely renewals and avoid potential disruptions.

Expiry Notifications

Get notified when permits are about to expire or have expired. Stay proactive in managing your permits and avoid lapses in coverage.

Accurate Pricing

Include permit costs in your job pricing to ensure transparent and comprehensive billing. SKIPM8 helps you maintain accurate financial records by incorporating permit fees.

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