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Skilton Skips

Before implementing SKIPM8, we faced difficulties tracking skips, identifying overdue collections, and managing our ever growing paperwork. SKIPM8’s simplicity and comprehensive features made them an ideal choice for going digital! The platform has significantly improved our daily skip management operations, enhancing efficiency, providing clear overviews, and facilitating direct communication with customers. Without a doubt, we wholeheartedly recommend SKIPM8 to every skip hire company out there.

How did you come across SKIPM8, and what challenges were you facing before implementing it?

We discovered SKIPM8 through Instagram and were immediately impressed by how user-friendly it is. Prior to integrating SKIPM8, our skip management process relied heavily on manual record-keeping, resulting in a lack of visibility regarding the whereabouts of our skips and a constant struggle to identify overdue skips. We were drowning in paperwork and it was becoming unmanageable, prompting us to need a digital solution.

We explored various options, but SKIPM8 stood out as the optimal choice due to its simplicity and comprehensive features. The platform not only offered an organised solution for tracking skips but also provided timely notifications for overdue skips. The decision to transition to a digital platform was reinforced by the ease of use and the continuous addition of new features, making SKIPM8 the ideal solution for our skip management needs.

What features of SKIPM8 were most appealing?

Extremely User Friendly! SKIPM8 is so easy to use! We’re not computer literate so we needed a system that we could get to grips with and enjoy using every day! SKIPM8 was a perfect match.

SKIPM8 Map is a feature we use day in and day out. Not only does it give us a great overview of where all our skips are, but we can easily identify when a skip is overdue a collection. Whenever we’re low on a certain skip size, the map allows us to filter making it extremely easy to contact customers about a collection.

One Off & Account Customers. Since its release, we’re found it even easier to create new jobs and maintain our customers. Residential, one-off customers are no longer polluting our customer database making it even easier to use SKIPM8.

How has SKIPM8 improved your daily skip management operations?

Our operational efficiency has seen a remarkable boost since integrating SKIPM8 into our processes. The transition to a digital workflow with SKIPM8 has streamlined our job management and skip tracking effortlessly. Now, we have a clear overview of the location of all our skips, their duration with customers, and the ability to communicate directly with customers through SKIPM8 for efficient collection.

The time and cost savings are substantial! No more dependence on scattered bits of scrap paper or relying solely on customer trust. SKIPM8 has elevated Skilton Skips to a whole new level, providing a reliable and comprehensive solution that has transformed our operations for the better.

How has the support and training been throughout your experience with SKIPM8?

The support we've received has been exceptional! Regardless of the time of day or day of the week, we consistently receive instant replies whenever we reach out. Any issues that arise are promptly addressed and resolved, and we're especially pleased with the continuous addition of new features, showcasing a commitment to ongoing improvement.

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