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April George Services

SKIPM8 offers a straightforward and well-thought-out user experience for us, allowing efficient recording and communication within the team. The app has successfully addressed the challenge of tracking skip locations and durations, particularly beneficial for the constantly moving and remote operations of our small family-owned business.

How easy is SKIPM8 to use?

SKIPM8 is very straightforward to use.

All the features within the app have been well thought out allowing our entire team to record and receive information, correctly and efficiently.

What challenges has SKIPM8 addressed in skip tracking?

The biggest challenge SKIPM8 has addressed for April George Services is knowing where all our skips are and how long they have been with the customer.

Being a small family owned business, we’re constantly on the move and work remotely so having SKIPM8 on our phones is a huge benefit.

We often use the SKIPM8 map feature to stay up-to-date with skip locations and statuses, saving us a huge amount of time whilst also allowing us to expand our working areas and grow our business.

What features do you love and now can’t live without?

Searching Account Customers - the simplicity of searching account customers with ease and being able to see their hire and payment history, has been a tremendous help to April George Services.

Hire History - within a few clicks we can look back on our entire hire history, with the added benefit of filtering by customers, addresses, status and more.

SKIPM8 Map - we often use the SKIPM8 map feature to stay up-to-date with skip locations and statuses.

How has the support and training been throughout your experience with SKIPM8?

Support has been fantastic throughout!

The beginning introduction was thorough and clear, all aspects were explained in great detail and any questions we’ve had have always been answered quickly.

We’re extremely pleased with the service provided and the support you get throughout.

We highly recommend SKIPM8 to anyone running a skip company, it’s honestly the best money you’ll spend on your business.

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