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Exciting Updates to SKIPM8: May 2024

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, SKIPM8 has undergone several significant updates in May. Our team has been hard at work enhancing the platform to better serve our growing user base and improve overall functionality. Here's a rundown of the latest changes:

All Invoices

1. Server Upgrade

The most significant change this month is our server upgrade. SKIPM8's rapid growth meant our old servers could no longer handle the increasing traffic. We have now upgraded our servers to ensure they can sustain current demand and support future growth. This upgrade will result in a more reliable and faster service for all our users.

2. Weekly Invoicing For Account Customers

Account customers now have the option to be invoiced weekly. Under customer settings, you can set the invoicing frequency to either weekly or monthly. When set to weekly, SKIPM8 will automatically generate a single invoice for each customer every Monday at 3 AM, covering all their assignments from the previous week. This automation simplifies the billing process and ensures timely invoicing.

3. New All Invoice Page

We've introduced a new page that displays all invoices, categorised by type (Account, Skip Hire, Grab Hire, etc.). This addition makes it easier to find all invoices for a particular customer, regardless of the type, enhancing the organisation and accessibility of financial records.

4. New Invoice Report

Navigate to Reports > Finance > Invoice Report to run the report for a specified time period. You can download the report in your preferred accounting software format, making it easier to manage and analyse your financial data.

5. Invoice CSV and PDF Export Indicators

To help you track which invoices have been exported, we’ve added a visual indicator. Once an invoice is exported to CSV or PDF, the column will change from a cross to a tick, allowing you to quickly identify what has already been exported.

6. Invoice Deletion Restriction

For better data integrity, the delete invoice button is now hidden once an invoice has been exported to CSV. This change helps keep SKIPM8 synchronised with your preferred accounting software and prevents accidental deletions.

7. New Sales Report

Go to Reports > Finance > Sales Report to generate a report for a specified time period. This report provides a comprehensive view of all items hired during the selected period, aiding in sales analysis and decision-making.

8. Enhanced Invoice Editing

You can now modify more details on an invoice, including the invoice number, invoice date, and due date. This added flexibility allows for more accurate and customisable invoicing.

9. Disposal Points Management

A new feature under Business > Disposal Points allows you to set disposal points for skips collected that need to be disposed of at different locations. This improvement aids in logistical planning and efficiency.

10. Customisable Skip Images and Dimensions

For those using the online customer booking form, you can now set custom images and dimensions for each skip. These details will feed through to the booking form, providing customers with more accurate and visually appealing information.

11. New Assignment Filters

We've enhanced the assignment list with new filters. You can now filter by account customers and one-off customer names, making it easier to manage and locate specific assignments.

12. New Account Customer Filters

In the account customer list, we've added the ability to filter by invoice frequency. This feature allows you to quickly identify and manage customers based on their invoicing preferences.

These updates are designed to enhance your experience with SKIPM8, making it more efficient and user-friendly. We’re excited about these improvements and look forward to continuing to support your business needs. If you have any feedback or questions about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



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