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Skip Tracking Solution

At SKIPM8, we understand the importance of having complete control and transparency over your skip management operations. That's why we offer a powerful skip tracking solution that provides you with precise insights into every aspect of your skip business.

Skips With Customer and Overdue Skips Count


Overdue Skips

SKIPM8 remembers the exact location of each skip, who it's been assigned to, and how long it has been in service. 


Set your desired hire days, and SKIPM8 will automatically notify you when a skip is overdue and ready for collection.


Skips on a Map

SKIPM8 brings a new level of visibility and convenience to your skip management with our interactive map feature. Now, you can effortlessly pinpoint the exact locations of all your skips, making it easier than ever to oversee your operations.

Click on any pin on the map to access details about that specific skip. You can quickly view its status, current location, and any relevant information you need to stay in control.

Map 2


Skip Inventory

Get a clear view of your entire skip inventory, including how many skips are in use and how many are still available in your yard.

SKIPM8 tracks which skips are currently in service, where they are located, and how long they've been there. This information allows you to optimize your resources and make data-driven decisions.

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