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Job Management

SKIPM8 offers job management tools, empowering you to efficiently plan, schedule, and track yours jobs to ensure seamless operations.

Job Details & Actions


All the tools you need

SKIPM8 provides you with a comprehensive suite of tools to effortlessly manage all aspects of your skip-related jobs. With our platform, you can handle a wide range of tasks, from creating assignments for deliveries, exchanges, collections, and wait & loads, to assigning drivers, processing online payments, and even downloading waste transfer notes—plus so much more.


Job actions

SKIPM8 gives you access to in-depth job details, review complete assignment histories, track assigned drivers, monitor payments, and keep an eye on outstanding debts—all in one place.

With SKIPM8, you have the tools you need to efficiently manage your skip-related jobs, ensuring a streamlined and organised operation.

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Waste Transfer Note


Waste transfer notes

Embrace the future of waste management with SKIPM8 by going completely paperless. Our platform simplifies the process of generating digital waste transfer notes, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork. With SKIPM8, you can effortlessly create, store, and manage waste transfer notes electronically, reducing administrative burdens, improving environmental sustainability, and streamlining compliance.


Take online payments

SKIPM8 offers an effortless way to accept online payments from your customers while ensuring all transaction data seamlessly feeds into your SKIPM8 account. With our Stripe integration, you can securely process payments, making it convenient for your customers and providing you with real-time financial insights.

Online Payments
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