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Delivery & Collection Calendar

Updated: Jan 4

The SKIPM8 calendar is a powerful asset designed to simplify and enhance your logistical planning. By offering a clear and concise overview of your assignments, it allows you to effortlessly monitor deliveries, collections, exchanges, and wait & loads at a glance.

SKIPM8 Job Calendar

Customisable Calendar for Tailored Planning

One standout aspect of SKIPM8's calendar is its customisable interface. Recognising that different tasks may require different levels of attention, the platform gives users the flexibility to personalise the display based on job types or specific driver assignments. This level of customisation ensures that you can tailor the calendar to fit the unique needs of your business, leading to a more organised and efficient workflow.

Efficient Task Management

The calendar doesn't just provide an overview; it facilitates efficient task management. With SKIPM8, you can easily track the progress of each assignment, allowing you to stay informed about the status of deliveries and collections. The real-time updates ensure that you are always in control of your operations, reducing the risk of oversights and enabling timely interventions when needed.

Transparency in Operations

Knowing when a job is completed is as crucial as monitoring its progress. SKIPM8's Delivery & Collection Calendar excels in providing transparency in operations. By displaying completed tasks, the calendar ensures that you have a comprehensive record of your logistics activities.



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