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A Day at AllWaste Berkshire: Embracing Innovation and Enhancing Efficiency with SKIPM8 🚀

In the heart of Berkshire, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with our valued customer, AllWaste Berkshire, for an insightful on-site visit. The purpose of this visit was to discuss the latest updates, upcoming features, and explore their wish list for additions to our comprehensive skip management software, SKIPM8.

What's New: Embracing Technological Advancements

Customer Online Bookings

AllWaste Berkshire was thrilled to explore the newly introduced feature of 24/7 online bookings. With the ability to make bookings online, customers can now seamlessly schedule skip hires at any time, enhancing convenience for both the waste management company and their clientele. The integration of online card payments further streamlines the booking process, ensuring a secure and efficient transaction experience.

Map and Job Details Updates:

The updated map functionality was met with enthusiasm as it provides a clearer and more detailed view of skip locations in real-time. AllWaste Berkshire appreciated the enhanced visibility, especially when managing a large fleet of skips across different locations. The comprehensive details available with a single click on the map were also highlighted as a time-saving and efficiency-boosting feature.

Automated Job Completion and Collection Addition:

SKIPM8 now offers the convenience of automatically completing jobs, reducing manual efforts and improving operational efficiency. Additionally, AllWaste Berkshire was pleased to note the ability to add collections when creating new jobs, streamlining the job creation process and ensuring all necessary information is captured from the start.

Skips with Customer and Overdue Skips List:

AllWaste Berkshire found great value in the new feature that lists skips associated with specific customers and highlights overdue skips. This facilitates better customer management and ensures timely action on overdue skips, preventing any disruptions in service.

What's Coming: Expanding Service Offerings

AllWaste Berkshire is eagerly anticipating upcoming features that will further diversify their services and meet evolving customer demands:

Grab Hire:

The introduction of grab hire services will provide AllWaste Berkshire with additional capabilities to cater to a wider range of waste removal needs, expanding their service portfolio.

Rubbish Clearance:

Embracing the demand for comprehensive waste solutions, SKIPM8 is gearing up to include rubbish clearance services, allowing AllWaste Berkshire to address a broader spectrum of customer requirements.

Weighbridge Vehicles and Tare Weights:

The inclusion of weighbridge vehicles and tare weights will enhance accuracy in load tracking and invoicing, ensuring a more transparent and accountable process.

What They Want Added: Tailoring SKIPM8 to Specific Needs

AllWaste Berkshire shared their wish list for additional features that would further optimise their operations:

Smaller Calendar List View:

AllWaste Berkshire expressed the need for a more compact calendar list view to display more details at a glance, facilitating better scheduling and resource management.

Duplicate Jobs & Assignments:

A one-click option to duplicate jobs and assignments was requested to streamline repetitive tasks, saving time and minimising the risk of errors.

Customer Outstanding Debt Report:

To enhance financial visibility, AllWaste Berkshire suggested the addition of a report highlighting customer outstanding debts, providing a comprehensive overview of financial transactions.

Our visit to AllWaste Berkshire was a valuable experience

In conclusion, our visit to AllWaste Berkshire was a valuable experience that highlighted the practical impact of SKIPM8's new features and the anticipation surrounding upcoming additions. By actively engaging with our clients and incorporating their feedback, SKIPM8 remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower waste management businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving industry.



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