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Job Details

Sub Contract Jobs

Effectively manage your sub contracting operations with SKIPM8’s Sub Contracting feature. Add sub contractors, define your earnings, and track job assignments seamlessly.

Key Features

Sub Contractor Management

Add companies that you subcontract work to, maintaining a comprehensive list of your trusted partners.

Earnings Calculation

Specify whether you take a fixed amount or a percentage from each job assigned to a sub contractor. SKIPM8 will automatically calculate your earnings based on these settings.

Job Tracking

Keep track of which jobs are given to each sub contractor. Monitor job assignments and ensure transparency and accountability in your subcontracting operations.

Automated Calculations

Let SKIPM8 handle the complex calculations of your earnings from subcontracted jobs. Focus on your core business while SKIPM8 manages financial tracking.

Detailed Records

Maintain detailed records of all subcontracted jobs and earnings. Use this information for reporting, auditing, and optimising your subcontracting processes.

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