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Skips, Services & Pricing

Take full control of your skip hire business with SKIPM8’s Skips & Pricing feature. Create and manage your skips, set pricing based on various factors, and ensure seamless inventory management with automated stock level notifications.

Key Features

Skip Management

Easily create and manage your skip inventory within SKIPM8. Add details such as skip type, size, and capacity to keep track of your available stock.

Flexible Pricing

Set pricing for your skips based on waste type, location, transport requirements, and tonnage. Customise pricing structures to reflect the unique needs of your business and market conditions.

Automatic Overweight Pricing

SKIPM8 automatically calculates overweight prices for you, ensuring accurate pricing and transparent transactions for your customers.

Image Upload

Enhance your Customer Online Booking system by adding images of your skips. Provide customers with a visual representation of available skip options to facilitate decision-making and improve user experience.

Stock Level Management

SKIPM8 manages stock levels for you, notifying you when supplies are running low. Stay informed about your inventory status and take proactive measures to replenish stock as needed.

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