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With SKIPM8’s robust reporting capabilities, gain valuable insights into every aspect of your waste business. Whether you need to track skip locations, monitor customer debts, analyse job performance, or ensure compliance with environmental regulations, SKIPM8 has you covered.

Key Features

Skip Location Reports

Keep track of the whereabouts of your skips with detailed location reports. Ensure efficient inventory management and optimise skip placement for maximum utilisation.

Customer Debt Reports

Stay on top of outstanding payments with customer debt reports. Identify overdue accounts and take proactive measures to minimise financial risks.

Job Reports

Monitor job performance and track key metrics such as job completion times, revenue generated, and customer. Identify trends and areas for improvement to enhance operational efficiency.

Environmental Agency Reports

Simplify regulatory compliance with environmental agency reports. Ensure that your waste disposal practices meet legal requirements and minimise environmental impact.

Waste In / Waste Out Reports

Track the volume of waste coming into your facility and leaving as disposed or recycled materials. Maintain accurate records of waste management activities and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

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