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Multi Site / Yard Management

With SKIPM8’s Multi Site / Yard feature, managing multiple locations has never been easier. Whether you operate multiple sites or yards, SKIPM8 empowers you to effortlessly track jobs for each location and streamline your operations.

Key Features

Centralised Management

Manage all your sites and yards from a single, centralised platform. Easily switch between locations to view job statuses, track progress, and monitor performance across your entire business.

Custom Access Control

Assign system administrators and drivers to specific sites or yards, allowing you to control access and permissions based on roles and responsibilities. Tailor access levels to ensure that each team member only sees the information relevant to their location.

Site-Specific Settings

Customise settings for each site or yard, including skip/service lists, pricing structures, job assignments, and more. Adapt your workflows to meet the unique requirements of each location, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Independent Operations

Each site or yard operates autonomously within SKIPM8, allowing for independent management of jobs, assignments, routes, and invoicing. Streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks by decentralising decision-making and empowering local teams.

Flexible Reporting

Generate custom reports for individual sites or yards, providing insights into performance metrics, job profitability, resource utilisation, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of each location’s strengths and weaknesses to drive continuous improvement.

Scalable Growth

As your business expands, easily add new sites or yards to SKIPM8 and seamlessly integrate them into your existing infrastructure. Scale your operations without compromising efficiency or productivity, thanks to SKIPM8’s flexible multi-site capabilities.

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