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Job Details

Extras & Pricing

Boost your revenue and offer additional value to your customers with SKIPM8’s Extras & Pricing feature. Create and sell extras on top of your skip hire services, allowing you to maximise profitability and enhance customer satisfaction.

Key Features

Custom Extras

Create a variety of extras to complement your skip hire services, such as mattress disposal, paint pot collection, or any other additional services you want to offer.

Flat Rate Pricing

Set flat rate pricing for your extras to simplify pricing structures and ensure transparency for your customers. Establish clear and consistent pricing that aligns with your business objectives and market standards.

Quantity Controls

Implement quantity controls for your extras to increase job totals and maximise revenue. Offer customers the flexibility to add multiple quantities of extras to their bookings, enhancing their experience and increasing sales opportunities.

Enhanced Value Proposition

Provide customers with added convenience and value by offering extras alongside your skip hire services. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by catering to their specific needs and preferences.

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