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Disposal Points

With SKIPM8’s Disposal Points, streamline your waste disposal operations by creating a centralised list of disposal points and managing them with ease. Whether you’re coordinating waste disposal for multiple jobs or ensuring compliance with permit regulations, SKIPM8 empowers you to stay organised and efficient.

Key Features

Create and Manage

Easily create and manage a list of disposal points within SKIPM8, including their addresses and permit licenses. Ensure accurate and up-to-date information for all disposal locations.

Assignment Integration

Assign disposal points to jobs within SKIPM8, allowing for seamless coordination between job scheduling and waste disposal. Ensure that drivers know exactly where to drop off waste, minimising delays and optimising efficiency.

Driver Visibility

Disposal point assignments feed through to the assignments for drivers, providing them with clear instructions on where to drop off waste. Enhance driver productivity and minimise errors with accurate disposal point information.

Visibility on Digital Waste Transfer Notes

Disposal point information is automatically included on digital waste transfer notes, providing customers with transparency about where their waste ends up. Build trust and confidence by demonstrating your commitment to responsible waste disposal practices.

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