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Stay informed and in control of your business with SKIPM8’s powerful dashboards. Designed to provide at-a-glance insights into key metrics and performance indicators, our dashboards help you make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Key Features

Comprehensive Overview

SKIPM8 comes equipped with multiple dashboards, allowing you to keep on top of your data and performance across all aspects of your business.

Finance Dashboard

Our Finance dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of your financial performance, including revenue, expenses related to waste transfer, and profit/loss analysis. Gain insights into your financial health and identify areas for improvement to maximise profitability.

Module-Specific Dashboards

Each module within SKIPM8 comes with its own dedicated dashboard, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of that module. Whether you’re managing skip hire operations, grab hire, or rubbish clearance, our module-specific dashboards provide the insights you need to optimise your business processes.

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