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Stay organised and manage your skip hire operations efficiently with SKIPM8’s Calendar feature. View all assignments in a convenient calendar view, allowing you to easily track schedules, manage resources, and optimise your workflow.

Key Features

Calendar View

Access all your assignments in a calendar format, providing a visual overview of your schedule and workload.

Day and Week View

Switch between day and week views to see your assignments at different levels of granularity, allowing you to plan and schedule with ease.

Flexible Filtering

Filter the calendar to show only the days and times you want to see, helping you focus on specific timeframes and manage your schedule effectively.

Assignment Type Filtering

Filter assignments by type, allowing you to quickly identify and prioritise different types of jobs such as deliveries, collections, or wait & load services.

Driver Filtering

Filter assignments by driver, enabling you to assign tasks efficiently and monitor individual driver schedules.

Comprehensive Management

Manage your entire skip hire operations directly from the calendar. Assign drivers, schedule deliveries and collections, and track job progress with ease.

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